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From the Cooperage


Coopering is far from a dying art. We’ve employed coopers since our company was founded almost 200 years ago in 1827. Our current cooper, Jonathan Manby, is one of the last apprenticed craft coopers in the UK. Even now, some of our beers are still sold in wooden casks handmade by Jonathan.

We’re proud to keep the tradition going, and though there’s no way we could produce all of our ales from a cooper barrel, we intend to keep this part of Theakston’s heritage alive. Here, you’ll find items handcrafted by a Theakston cooper. 

You’ll find products like the Handcrafted Oak Boot Jack. A boot jack is practical and will put an end to one of life’s most understated inconveniences – trying to remove your boot after a long day. Eventually, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. 

This Boot Jack is not just a convenience or a talking point on social occasions for beer lovers. Carved from the same oak wood as a cooper’s barrel, it’s a time capsule from the years when coopers were necessary for the beer industry. Most breweries have moved on to using a metal version rather than traditional oak wood casks. But the manufacturing of oak casks remains a precise craft few people can emulate, let alone machines. It’s a craft that you can only find in the cooperage. 

These items are unique and are the ultimate collector’s item or gift for fans of British ales.

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