Smooth Dark

Keep your customers in the Dark! 3.5% ABV

Served in the first ever, all black condensation fount, Theakston Smooth Dark is a brewery conditioned ale which we launched in 2008. Brewed using all the usual finest ingredients, this innovative style of beer has been designed by our brewing team to meet a growing demand by an increasing number of younger male and female consumers, as well as the more traditional ones, for lower ABV and cooler dispensed ale brands. In a market where consumers are increasingly aware of alcohol units and calories, where cooler dispensed products are preferred, Theakston Smooth Dark has been the perfect solution. Theakston Smooth Dark looks great and tastes even better! It is the perfect accompaniment to strong flavoured foods of all kinds.



Tasting notes

Malty, cool and deeply satisfying. Brewed using three different malts for body, flavour and texture to give a cool, smooth, refreshing and deeply satisfying flavour.

Unofficial Tasting notes

Always served cool, a slight cinder toffee like flavour tempered by a refreshing, subtle citrus fruit, to give a very satisfying flavour from a relatively low strength beer. Colour: Deep Mahogany

Available Available in keg
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