Theakston IPA

A Classic Beer Style with a Theakston Twist 5.1% ABV

The dramatic growth throughout the world in consumer appreciation of the character and styles of top fermented craft keg ale combined with new and exciting varieties of traditional ingredients has enabled our team of brewers to give full rein to their brewing creativity and skill. Theakston IPA is our modern take on a beer style first developed in the 19th century for our armed forces serving in India. Using a mix of new world hops together with some grown here in Yorkshire and infusing them into a mash of finest locally grown malted barley and then cold filtering rather than pasteurising, we have created a beer of outstanding character and delicate flavour.

Tasting notes

Cluster, Simcoe and Bullion hops from the USA married to locally grown hops, it’s a match made in heaven (well Masham actually). We infuse them in a mash of finest barley to create a deliciously delicate craft keg IPA. Think pine and new world hop aromas, with subtle mango, guava and honey flavours.

Unofficial Tasting notes

Tropical fruit cheesecake.

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