Christmas Ale

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 4.7% ABV

Our Theakston Christmas Ale owes its origins to a rather curious event that took place in December 2011. Out of the blue, we had an enquiry from one of the many Theakston enthusiasts in the USA who wrote asking for details of a beer called Theakston Christmas Ale. We were puzzled as, at the time, there was no such thing. Further enquiries revealed that a reference to this beer had been made in the Christmas episode of a nationally broadcast U.S TV series called NCIS. In the closing sequence, the manager of the NCIS team was seen hammering a wooden tap into a wooden firkin and stating, “This is Theakston Christmas Ale; it has been flown in all the way from Yorkshire in England where they have been brewing beer like this since Charles Dickens time.” And with that the programme ends with scenes of members of the team happily clinking glasses of the ale to a back drop of the famous Christmas song ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!’

It aroused the attention of the media in this country and before we knew it camera teams were at our door in Masham. Our Director, Simon Theakston was asked whether  Theakston Christmas Ale was an existing member of our wide range of cask ales to which he replied, “Well it wasn’t; but it is now!” and so another Theakston legendary cask ale was born. Being Christmas it is important to encapsulate as much of the special spirit as possible. The beer therefore is full of the most generous amounts of raw materials, including pale, crystal and dark malt, a subtle but complex blend of hops together with raisins and cinnamon to give the most beautifully satisfying ale best taken in front of roaring fire in the company of great friends. Christmas Ale will bring out the best flavours of almost any food but in particular strong cheeses, desserts including Christmas Pudding, and roast haunches of venison and prime British Beef.

TASTING NOTES: A masterpiece of brewing – rich, full-flavoured ale with Cinnamon and raisins, together with a hint of walnut. A blend of finest brewers’ malt and oats to give outstanding body set off with cinnamon and raisins sweetness balanced off by a hint of walnut and hard brewing liquor to give a beer of outstanding stature, balance and quality. One for the connoisseur. Described by some as liquid Christmas pudding in a glass. Fruity, wine-like with a finish that seems to go on for ever!

Colour: Holly Berry Red

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Available on draught Available on draught For the month of December 2019
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