Cooper's Butt

Celebrating the Theakstons coopering tradition 4.3% ABV

Like its Theakston stable-mate Hogshead Bitter, Theakston Coopers’ Butt was brewed to commemorate the ‘Trussing In’ ceremony of our current Cooper in 1999. We have employed Coopers to make our oak casks continuously since 1827 when our company was first established. It is a tradition of which we are immensely proud, in fact we believe that we are now the only brewery in the country to employ a full-time craft cooper. Jonathan Manby our Cooper went though a four-year apprenticeship to become fully qualified and has been with us for over 17 years. Our wooden casks are used for Old Peculier and remain very popular with a dedicated group of licensees and customers in the north of England. Our Coopers shop is located at the heart of the brewery site in Masham and can be viewed by visitors as part of a brewery tour. Always brewed in the early part of the year, the full bodied IPA style beer with its pronounced hop character is the perfect ale to get through the chilly months of the year. A butt is a wooden cask containing 108 gallons and was traditionally used to hold ‘stock’ beer in the brewery through the winter months. Too big to be used as a means of delivering beer to outlets, that task was normally for hogsheads or barrels and other smaller casks.

The big, warming flavours of Coopers’ Butt makes it an ideal accompaniment to delicious game pies, sausages, scotch eggs and other cold meats.

Tasting notes

A full bodied premium ale in the traditional IPA style. An amber red, full bodied bitter in the classic IPA style. Robust in flavour, late and dry hopped with Golding and Fuggle hops to give a pronounced citrus taste and aroma.

Unofficial Tasting notes

A zesty and well balanced combination of sweet digestive biscuit and apple - like aroma notes, leading to a delicious refreshing and lingering after taste. Colour: Deep Bronze

Available on draught Available on draught For the month of March 2017
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