Double Cross IPA

Our salute to this historic ale style! 4.2% ABV

Double Cross is a reference to the crossing of the equator twice on the voyage plied by great trading clippers between Britain and India in the nineteenth century, first from north to south in the Atlantic Ocean and then from south to north in the Indian Ocean and in reverse on the return journey. It is from this act the more regularly used reference to ‘double cross’ comes from – ‘going back’ on what was agreed. IPA is a commonly used term in English ale brands and actually means India Pale Ale. It was brewed especially for the British troops serving in India during this time and was typically brewed to a higher level of alcohol and with higher than normal levels of hops. As the journey between the two points took several weeks it was important to apply additional safe guards to ensure the beer arrived in good condition. The extra alcohol acted as an antiseptic and the extra hops as an anti-oxident. Between the two it ensured the beer arrived in India in perfect condition!

Double Cross IPA is a classic example of this style with a beautifully balanced malt and hop character combined with the special Theakston brewing magic and would be perfect to accompany light curries!

Tasting notes

A classic IPA with a beautifully balanced malt and hop character. In the style of the original export ale using Old English hops, married to traditional malt, Double Cross IPA is a full bodied and satisfying pale golden ale with a clean and fresh tasting flavour.

Unofficial Tasting notes

A rich tea biscuit flavour, balanced with dry, subtle lemon and grapefruit overtones. Colour : Golden Yellow

Available on draught Available on draught For the month of March 2019
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