A special Brew to commemorate our sponsorship of the River Ure Salmon Trust project 4.2% ABV

Masham is situated on a bluff, just above a curling loop of the ancient River Ure. The river flows from the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales down through Wensleydale until it meets up with the River Swale to form the Ouse which in turn flows into the River Humber. For many years the River Ure was the finest wild salmon river in England but because of the industrial revolution and the consequential silting up of the river Humber, thus preventing the wild salmon access to the River Ure, the numbers dwindled dramatically. However, following the clean-up of the river Humber, for the first time in a hundred years the environment is right for the Salmon to return once again to the Ure. Together with local riparian owners, Theakston has committed to a long-term sponsorship programme aimed at recovering the wild salmon stocks to their former glory. As part of the plan, we launched a special commemorative ale, Infallible to raise the profile of this important ecological and environmental work.

Infallible is the name of a famous Salmon fly and as the salmon season begins in early autumn we have designed the beer to be deep amber in colour, using generous amounts of luxurious molasses to give a warm, malty ale scented with very light hop characteristic ideal accompaniment to home-made soups, pork pies and sausages.

Tasting notes

Full bodied and malty. A full bodied- warming malty ale with luxurious molasses and roasted malt flavour scented with very light hop characteristic.

Unofficial Tasting notes

A ‘treacle on rye toast’ aroma and flavour with a warming, smooth, sweet fulfilling finish. Colour: Chocolate Truffle

Available on draught Available on draught For the month of October 2017
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