Masham Ale

Not for the faint hearted! 6.5% ABV

Masham Ale is the strongest beer we brew and was first brewed to commemorate our historic connections with our home town. Masham is a very ancient settlement which for many years was the wealthiest prebend in the whole of England, the living of which passed through many hands initially from one of William the Conquerors lieutenants and  eventually to King Henry VIII who with it endowed Trinity College Cambridge. So a very significant town deserved a very significant ale!

Masham Ale is a beautifully full, rounded, great tasting ale and a fine example of the best of English cask ales. The use of fresh Fuggle hops gives a delightful subtle fruitiness. Masham Ale is brewed in late November in order to be available for those of our customers who love a Christmas treat! Such is the strength of the ale we advise consumption in half pint measures. Masham Ale is an ideal accompaniment to strong flavoured foods such as Blue Wensleydale.

Tasting notes

Smooth, strong and rounded. This deceptively smooth, full bodied, strong ale is tawny in colour and exhibits a beautifully rich balanced character of malt, fruit and Fuggle hops.

Unofficial Tasting notes

Strong, almost fortified wine like mouth feel, delivered in a beautifully balanced combination of pear drops and digestive biscuit. A very big flavour from a very full bodied beer! Colour : Toffee

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