Continental 'Blonde Beer' Style Cask Ale 4.1% ABV

Lightfoot is named after a brewery in Masham which Theakston took over in 1919. The Lightfoot and Theakston families were very close and indeed linked through marriage and therefore it was a natural amalgamation of two well-established businesses. For many years it was rumoured that Theakston took over Lightfoot because they had a better cricket team something that was deemed unacceptable to the brewers in Red Lane! Lightfoot has always been a popular seasonal ale in fact so much so that in 2010 it became a permanent addition to our range and is now available all year round. Lightfoot is a refreshing golden pale ale, brewed using prime English Barley and wheat, continental hops, our famous Masham yeast and water from the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Its light, fruity flavour makes it an ideal accompaniment to light curries, fish and salads and for a hot summer’s day perfect just on its own!

Tasting notes

Light, continental blonde beer style. This is a very pale, straw coloured ale that uses a blend of finest English ale malt, wheat and German and Slovakian hops to achieve a ‘continental blonde’ style, flavour and aroma.

Unofficial Tasting notes

A subtle, honey aroma with thirst quenching, zesty lemon fruit overtone in taste followed by a lingering, satisfying, medium dry finish. Colour: Golden Honey

Available Available in cask and bottle
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