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If you’re always keen on a well-pulled pint, then we’ve got the best beer accessories to remind you that it’s always a good time for a beer. You can find them all right here from Theakston. We’ve been brewing beer for almost 200 years. We know our way around a cask, but we also know a thing or two about beer accessories.

If you love our ales, you’ll love our beer merchandise too. There’s something for everyone from a Large China Jug to neck warmers. Neck warmers are perfect on cold days, and being a traditional English brewery, we’re no stranger to cold days.

If you know Theakston, you know Old Peculier. Since it’s one of the country’s most well-known and well-loved ales, it’s a staple of many of our best beer accessories. Show off your favourite ale with the Old Peculiar keyring or our bag for life. But our beer accessories aren’t just practical, they also make perfect gifts, even for that one person in your life who’s notoriously hard to shop for. Don’t settle for another pair of socks. Give a gift that nods to their favourite ale.

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