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Theakston Spirit of Old Peculier

you love the beer... now try the spirit Distilled From the legend!

We've been brewing our legendary range of beers for a very long time now, in fact almost 200 years. Throughout our history we've always looked for new ways to challenge ourselves; to hone our skills and to further enhance our reputation for producing new and innovative drinks. 

Until now, we’ve been very happy to concentrate almost exclusively on beer (although at various times in the past we have also developed other alcoholic and soft drinks). Whilst the world of spirits has always intrigued us, watching from the side lines, we have often wondered what would happen if we distilled some of our most famous beer, Theakston Old Peculier!

The result is Theakston Spirit of Old Peculier, a pale gold coloured, beautifully smooth, well balanced and mellow 40% ABV spirit, infused with oak shavings from our own cooperage, perfectly capturing the characteristics of Old Peculier itself. We think you'll rather like it!

Available in 70cl and 20cl Bottles.





Subtle cherry & banana​ with hints of vanilla


Pale Gold


Smooth, balanced-sweetness, with subtle hints of cherry, banana and vanilla


Warming with a long mellow finish


Beer Spirit

Tasting Notes

Theakston Spirit of Old Peculier is a pale gold coloured, beautifully smooth, well balanced and mellow spirit featuring subtle hints of cherry and banana, with added vanilla notes from an infusion of oak shavings from our cooperage in Masham (which still crafts wooden casks for our beers), all perfectly capturing the characteristics of Old Peculier itself.

How should you drink it?

Well, however you would like to really! There are no rules. It’s a beer sprit, with its own very special characteristics, but our recommendation is to drink it as you would prefer to drink any other dark spirit of your choice - neat, on ice, with a drop of water to release the full subtlety of its flavours, or long with a mixer. If you normally prefer to drink dark spirits with a mixer, then our favourite combination is to drink Spirit of Old Peculier mixed with Fever Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale, ice and a slice of orange.

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