Traditional Mild

Brewed from three styles of barley 3.5% ABV

Mild as a beer style is one of the oldest in the British brewing tradition. As its name suggests, Mild is mild in terms of alcohol and hop bitterness, the superb flavours of this style of beer are driven by the use of top quality crystal and roasted barleys. Theakston Mild is almost certainly one of the original two or three beers brewed by Robert Theakston when he first started brewing in Masham in 1827. As a beer style Mild was very popular in Britain before the last war but since then has been over-shadowed by the growth in popularity of lighter ales and lagers. The malty flavour of Mild makes the ale an ideal accompaniment to sandwiches and ploughman lunches.



Tasting notes

One of the few truly national Mild brands, classically dark, dry and flavoursome. A dark, delicious beer with a dry palate and a full, rounded, Fuggle hop flavour. It is brewed using three malts; pale malt for body, crystal malt for rich flavour and black malt for texture and taste and is one of the only truly national, Mild brands.

Unofficial Tasting notes

A combination of barbeque, roasted coffee and subtle liquorice flavours with a sweet, soft gentle finish. Colour: Mahogany

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