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Christmas Ale

Let it Snow!

Being Christmas it is important to capture as much of the festive spirit as possible. The beer therefore is full of generous amounts of natural ingredients, including oats, pale, crystal and dark malt, a subtle but complex blend of hops together with raisins and cinnamon to give the most beautifully satisfying ale. Best enjoyed in front of roaring fire in the company of great friends. Christmas Ale will bring out the best flavours of almost any food but in particular strong cheeses, desserts including Christmas Pudding, and roast haunches of venison and prime British Beef.

Flavour Profile




Sweet Raisin and Cinnamon




Liquid Christmas Pudding


Rich, Wine-like



Tasting Notes

A blend of finest brewers’ malt and oats give outstanding body, set off with cinnamon and raisin sweetness balanced by a hint of walnut and hard brewing liquor to give a beer of outstanding stature. One for the connoisseur. Described by some as liquid Christmas pudding in a glass. Fruity, wine-like with a finish that seems to go on for ever!

Nutritional / Allergen Information

Allergens: Gluten (wheat and barley)​
Energy: 205kj | 49kcal
Fat (of which saturates): 0g | 0g
Carbohydrates (of which sugars): 5.4g | 0g
Protein: 0.3g
Salt: 0g
*per 100ml

Food Pairing

- Roast haunch of Venison

- Christmas Pudding

- Christmas cake and Swaledale Cheese

- Mince pies

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