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Discover the Magic of the Great Yorkshire Show: A Must-Attend Event

Discover the Magic of the Great Yorkshire Show: A Must-Attend Event

In the heart of picturesque Yorkshire, an enchanting event takes place every year that brings together the region's rich agricultural heritage, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. The Great Yorkshire Show, widely regarded as one of the UK's premier agricultural showcases, offers visitors a truly memorable experience. From captivating livestock competitions to thrilling entertainment and a plethora of local flavours, the Great Yorkshire Show is an event that should be on everyone's calendar. Join us as we explore why attending this remarkable event is an absolute must.

Over 140,000 visitors come to the Great Yorkshire Show over four days in the middle of July each year and whilst there, have the opportunity among many of visiting the Theakston stand where members of our Theakston team serve a selection of our fabulous cask and premium keg ale range of beers. Within the Theakston stand is an area especially dedicated to our cooper, Euan Findlay, the last apprenticed craft cooper in the country who delighted large crowds with his amazing and incredibly rare skill of hand making beer casks from oak. There was something for everyone on the stand including Theakston merchandise items featuring the legendary Old Peculier. This year Theakston were also featuring their new Spirit if Old Peculier, made from a distillation of the famous beer. The best daft idea we’ve ever had!” is how the spirit is described and given the popularity of the product as demonstrated by enthusiastic customers, daft it was not! Among other featured products was the new Paradise Gold the Theakston 6.8% ABV bottled cider, a particular choice among thirsty customers, particularly when the sun came out.

There was added interest for Theakston at this year’s Great Yorkshire Show as this year’s President of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society, organisers of the show was our very own Simon Theakston. The Theakston family have been involved in Yorkshire Agriculture for nearly 200 years as the purchase of the key raw ingredient in brewing, barley is sourced to the greatest extent from within the acres of the great county. Simon has been involved with the Society for over 40 years and was a trustee and Board member for 16 years, 8 of which as chairman and so this year he was the official 'President' of the Yorkshire show.

So the Great Yorkshire runs deep in the veins of T&R Theakston and the relationship with those that farm the land is as profound now as it has been for nearly two centuries. If you missed the Show this year, then be sure to make an early entry in your 2024 diary Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th July.

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