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T&R Theakston brings new life to coopering heritage

T&R Theakston brings new life to coopering heritage

T&R Theakston are partnering with journeyman cooper Euan Findlay to launch Findlay’s Cooperage, continuing its proud support of the heritage of brewery coopering.

Having completed a four-and-a-half-year apprenticeship at Masham, Euan was officially trussed in as the brewery’s journeyman cooper in October 2021 and now progresses to develop his own coopering business within the brewery.

As one of only two breweries in the UK to still have a beer cask journeyman cooper on site, we have been committed to preserving the traditions of coopering throughout our almost 200-year history, making iconic beers including Theakston’s Old Peculier available in wooden casks.

The launch of Findlay’s Cooperage within the brewery will mean we can continue to provide and maintain its casks whilst enabling Euan to develop wider cooperage services, from traditional cask creation to more bespoke projects and artworks.

Euan Findlay commented on the launch of Findlay’s Cooperage: “Having honed my craft and gained such valuable experience at Theakston’s, my next goal was to establish and run my own business. By partnering with the brewery, I’m able to fulfil this ambition whilst continuing a great relationship with the place where my career began. I’m really excited about the future of this partnership and grateful to the Theakston team for their ongoing support.”

Simon Theakston, chairman of T&R Theakston, said: “While the bulk of beer sales have moved over time into metal casks, Theakston’s has always maintained a supply of cask beer in wood and an on-site cooperage to support it.

“This is a heritage we’re very proud of and have sought to support through our coopering apprenticeship, employment opportunities and now by supporting Euan with his new business venture. We recognise the importance of preserving the coopering craft as a key long-standing component of the British Brewing industry and which adds to the unique distinction of our Old Peculier beer which continues to be made available in wood as well as metal for our north of England customers. We wish Euan every success and welcome Findlay’s Cooperage to joining this new and exciting chapter in Theakston history.”

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