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What do you buy your dad, who owns a Brewery?

What do you buy your dad, who owns a Brewery?

When my dad was a boy, Father’s Day wasn’t really a thing – or so he insists. He’s a bit sceptical, convinced it’s just one of those hyped-up, guilt-inducing, wallet-draining affairs orchestrated by the powers that be. And you know what? He could be onto something, but let’s face it, a small gift on Father’s Day is a small price to pay for a chance to show the old man some appreciation without breaking the bank.

So as Father’s Day approaches, I find myself pondering what to get the man who seemingly has it all. He has always said the best gift a father can get is some good old fashioned quality time with his kids. None of that fancy stuff, just a good chat over a beer, specifically a pint of Old Peculier! And let me tell you, listening to your dad go on about his glory days can be quite the eye-opener (or even eye-closer!)


As a father now myself, I’m starting to see things from my dad’s point of view. It’s like I’m wearing the same Dad glasses he wore all those years ago. And let me tell you, it’s a sight to behold. So, while I wholeheartedly agree with the old man that spending quality time together is actually a great gift for Father’s Day, I get it – life’s hectic and sometimes a face-to-face hangout just isn’t on the cards. And if that’s the case, isn’t a thoughtfully picked gift the next best thing?

Speaking of which, I might just have the perfect solution! Picture this: a brewery tour of the famous Theakston Brewery in Masham, where Dad can immerse himself in the rich history and craft behind his favourite brews all while spending quality time with you. Or if you’re looking for a special gift for the day, our brewery’s gift shop has got you covered.  From the legendary Old Peculier to Theakston Best or the newly launched Spirit of Old Peculier and some pretty cool brewery-themed socks, and much more, you can browse our selection in the gift shop at the brewery Visitor Centre or order on-line to have your gift delivered straight to dad’s door.

So go ahead, show Dad some appreciation this Father’s Day. It may not change the world but even the smallest demonstration of thought and affection will make his day. After all, it’s the thought (and maybe the socks) that counts.



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