Theakston’s Fictional Seasonal Christmas Ale Becomes Fact!

Dec 07 2012

A fictional Yorkshire beer which starred in a hit US crime series last December is being brewed for real in time for this year’s festivities.

Last year, the cast of NCIS: Los Angeles rounded off their Christmas episode by drinking from a barrel of Theakston’s Christmas Ale.

One of the main characters, Hetty Lange (portrayed by Linda Hunt) is seen to tap a wooden cask, and, after pouring a glass, says, “This is Theakston’s Christmas Ale, flown all the way from Yorkshire in England, and brewed like it was in Charles Dickens time.”

Following on from the programme, the Masham-based brewery were inundated by emails from American viewers asking if the beer was genuine and where they could purchase it from.

Whilst it was true that the business has been operating since ‘Dickens time’, the brewery, established in 1827, did not have a beer called Christmas Ale.

However, as a result of the world-wide publicity the progamme generated, the brewery has now added Christmas Ale to its range of five permanent and 12 seasonal ales.

The beer has just finished brewing, and will be available throughout December this year.

T&R Theakston Ltd Marketing Manager Victoria Bramley said, “This was a brilliant showcase for our brand, both overseas and in the UK. The response we received following the screening was remarkable.

“The Theakston’s brand has been growing in popularity in recent times, with cask ale sales growing across the globe. We are now exporting our products all over the world to countries including the USA, Mexico, China and Australia, as well as the beers continued success thoughout Europe.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better placement. For the last nine years we have sponsored the ‘Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival’, which attracts some of the biggest names in crime fiction to Harrogate each July.

“Being featured in a criminal drama solidifies our position promoting the best of crime writing, in print and now on screen”.

Victoria added: “The brewery is looking forward to a very merry Christmas this year, welcoming an American television show star to North Yorkshire. We hope the beer satisfies the palettes of those fans eager to try this new seasonal brew.”